Welcome to SABAA.education

a non-profit limited company / a foundation providing solutions for Sub-Sahara Africa in the field of education.

The goal of SABAA.education is to empower, train, and connect people to provide learning opportunities, comprising of relevant and locally / globally needed skills, competencies and knowledge in all sectors of education: pre-school, primary school, high-school, university, and vocational training, informal learning.

SABAA.education is partner to education related projects in Sub-Sahara Africa and partner to companies, institutional and non-governmental organizations in this field.

SABAA.education develops online / blended learning programs, collaborates in projects and proposals, consults in the area of skills and competencies development, as well in skills for the 21. Century and new approaches to curricula and learning.

SABAA.education develops and supports the practice and the idea of social business. SABAA.education aims for sense-making and impact investment.
SABAA.education puts the rights and needs of girls and women at the forefront of its doings.
We are convinced that education provides the sensible and reliable way towards fair chances and the reduction of poverty.

Feel free to contact us in English or German: wuensch@sabaa.education.
We are happy to hear about new projects, funding, proposals, ideas, donations, …